How to Build a Better Deck

A conversation on design with Zenzile Sky Lark and Jerry Cheung, Design Associates at Techstars

A very poorly designed slide (certainly not done by Zenzile or Jerry)

For many founders, design is not their strong-suit. Sure, give them an intractable market problem, fierce competition and limited resources — no sweat. Ask them to make something look nice on a slide? Well, that’s when it seems to fall apart.

To learn how to implement more thoughtful design, as well as how to best engage professional designers, I sat down with Zenzile Sky Lark and Jerry Cheung, the in-house design team at Techstars.

Here are some of my key takeaways from that conversation.

The “Align” button is a powerful friend.
Chuck Green really said it best
An example of Canva’s asset library and instant inspiration

Zenzile and Jerry also offered some overarching thoughts that I think are key for founding teams to embrace when it comes to engaging designers.

Zenzile and Jerry both have awesome design portfolios online — go check ’em out!

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